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Sports equipment and sports accessories made of precious materials. Gold dumbbells, skipping ropes, weights, bits, balls ... Gilding 24 carat (999), steel, titanium ... Series Single-Copy and Limited Edition is made of pure solid gold, silver or palladium. Dominoes, chess, checkers, amber, mahogany, polished ... For VIP clients custom-made gold weights, balls, bikes, cups, golf clubs and other sports equipment in an exclusive edition - perfect and at the same time unique and luxurious contribute money. So produced luxury tennis rackets, hockey sticks, cowboy whips, pool cues, and other luxury items made of valuable wood, exotic leather, ivory, amber, and of course with inlaid precious stones and metals. Our lux sport items, elite games and exclusive gold toys from Art Studio MJ use and admire Olympic champions, millionaires and lovers of luxury handcrafted and expensive things....

Gold dumbbells. Matched Solid dumbbells or precious metals by MJ
Individual orders dumbbells of gold, silver, palladium or platinum of any weight and size.

Exclusive soccer ball made of genuine alligator skin by MJ
Unique premium balls of exotic leather and fur handmade.
Gift balls crocodile, python, stingray, ostrich, cobra, shark, elephant, hippo, iguanas...
These professional and collectible handmade balls.

Unique bike titanium, carbon, gold, exotic leather and decorated with diamonds.
Individual orders any bike model, Sport and racing motorcycles in the author's edition of MJ

Bag for sports equipment and tennis rackets made of crocodile skin by MJ
Individual orders luxury bags for professionals, sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs of true luxury.
In the art-studio MJ presented more than 5000 different types and colors of leather for sports bags and accessories.

Golden bat. Platinum Bat. These full-size baseball bats made of red, yellow or white gold by MJ
Bits are available as-cast of gold and gilded. And also with the decor diamonds and gems.
Individual orders in all sizes and models bit with drawing or engraving inlay.

Exclusive 2, 3 and 4 knee cues of valuable wood inlaid with gold and diamonds.
And VIP cue cases of genuine crocodile leather, suede and fittings made of pure platinum.
World's Most Expensive billiard cues, bats, sticks, bits and cases for individual orders from the Art Studio MJ

Exclusive baseball gloves and baseballs handmade by MJ
Individual orders baseball gloves calfskin, buffalo, bison, crocodile, python, elephant, shark...
Personalization using inlay and embossed initials, emblems, signs of the zodiac, club emblems, sport emblems...

Luxury bowling shoes crocodile, alligator, caiman, iguanas, monitor lizard, cobra, anaconda, hippo, conger eel...
Individual orders VIP tennis shoes, golf, curling, football, basketball, handball, wrestling, boxing, athletics...
See also catalog of exclusive shoes - shoes, sneakers, boots, shoes, boots, Gym shoes, sandals, etc. - Www.shoes.mj777.com
Catalogue of genuine leather and fur handmade, more than 5,000 different kinds and colors - www.skin.mj777.com

Exclusive sled from carbon, titanium, black platinum, mahogany and shark skin by MJ
Individual orders luxurious child's sled, sleigh and professional sports beans.
Personalization sled using inlay emblems, logos, initials, logos of gold and diamonds

Exclusive Boxing gloves made of genuine leather bison by MJ
Exclusive sports equipment for kick boxing, karate, kung fu, both professional and amateur boxing,
These sports collectible and gift leather gloves buffalo, bison, yak, frogs, kangaroos,
crocodile, caiman, python, ostrich, monitor lizard, deer, camel, stingray, anacondas, iguanas, sharks, elephant, hippo...

Exclusive gold and platinum darts dart. Professional and collectible darts by MJ
Individual orders unique darts of white, yellow and rose gold or platinum.

MJ Sport Bag for Tennis, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Golf, Football, Rugby, Soccer etc.
Author bag for tennis racket made of leather conger eel.
Exclusive Cases - Bags for tennis rackets, badminton rackets and for other sports equipment.
Individual orders sports bags and covers from any exotic leathers.

Exclusive golf clubs in gold, platinum and diamonds by MJ
Any types and models of golf clubs made of precious metals and stones.
Individual orders inlay initials, emblems, logos and any other symbols.
And Cases caddy made from python, cobra, crocodile, alligator, stingray, ostrich, iguana, monitor lizard...

VIP whips and whips of braided leather top-class by MJ
Individual orders these sports whips, cowboy whips and lashes erotic themes.
Any color, any kind of standard and exotic leather, any size, any design.


Exclusive crossbows and bows handmade individually inlaid by MJ
Luxury and high-end pistol crossbows, crossbows the rifle block crossbows and bows, crossbows and bows classic, high-tech crossbows and bows, crossbows and bows sports, hunting crossbow and bows, and any other crossbows, bows, spears, and other sports, Vintage and hunting weapon of wood, gold, silver, platinum, carbon fiber, titanium, and other exotic leather and precious materials. And also with the author's unique boom personalization gold and diamonds.

Exclusive bits of wood, carbon fiber, stone, metal, handmade with personalization of MJ
Exclusive bits of valuable wood: African black wood, mahogany, karelian birch,
rosewood, ironwood, petrified wood, stable tree, wenge, zebrano, amaranth, yar,
mahogany, teak, bubinga, ipe, jatoba, oak, emir-agach, bakuat, sucupira, merbau,
azob, beech, ash, cedar, ebony, balsa, briar, bamboo, cypress, jet, pinkado etc.

Exclusive backpack, rucksack, knapsack, packsack made of genuine exotic leather by MJ
Designer backpack of gold python skin for hiking and sports tourism.
Exclusive backpacks, hiking bags, satchels of exotic leather and fur.
Backpacks of all sizes from the large tourist 100-150 liters, to tiny rucksacks.

Jewelry billiard cue is decorated with handmade platinum and diamonds by MJ
Individual orders cues of valuable wood inlaid with gold and gems.

Premium kettlebell weight made of precious metals - Yellow, Red and White Gold by MJ
Geary yellow gold, red gold and white gold. Gift weights of precious metals from MJ.
Unique kettle bell style golden calf. Gold weights, kettlebells Platinum. Palladium dumbbells, kettlebells bronze, silver weight.
Also available surface coating weights in black and applying any inscriptions, coats of arms, wishes, samples of precious metals.
Individual orders weights of gold, silver, platinum or palladium of all sizes from souvenir to full-length.
Kettlebells are available in glossy or matte gold gold weighing problem in diamond edition encrusted jewels.

Jewelry tennis racket of platinum white gold 777ct by MJ
Exclusive sports souvenirs and gift sports-themed decorations.

Bag Case for sports archery, rifles and other weapons made from python and ostrich.
Bag Case for rifles, fishing rods, bats, golf, hockey sticks and other products. Case of python and ostrich.

Sports, fishing and hunting bags, covers, cases for tennis rackets, golf clubs for hockey
golf, billiard cue, bowling balls, rackets for ping-pong and badminton, darts, darts,
fishing tackle, fishing rods, pistols, shotguns, and any other hunting and sports equipment.
Any bags have special internal partitions and fixtures under the product of any size.
Are available for individual orders from any species of exotic skins and furs.
Catalogue of the collection of weapons, holsters, scabbards and sheaths - www.weapon.mj777.com
Directory luxury handbags, diplomats, clutches, briefcases - www.bag.mj777.com
Wheelchair exclusive games and sports equipment - www.games.mj777.com

Luxury pool tables, balls, cues, cars and other billiard accessories handmade by MJ
Only valuable wood, ivory, marble, inlaid with gold and precious stones.
Individual orders any model, design, colors and sizes of billiard tables.

Exclusive billiard tables for the elite. Royal billiard table decorated with gold and precious stones.
Luxury tables for all types of billiards. VIP tables for Russian billiards, American pool, snooker, carom...

Exclusive billiard tables made of Karelian birch, red and black wood.
Only handmade. Individual design to the customer's wishes.

Exclusive tables for ping pong. Luxurious and stylish tables for table tennis.

Unique chess table from precious woods inlaid with gold, ivory, marble, onyx, diamonds by MJ
Individual orders exclusive furniture for board games. Tables and other furniture of all sizes and shapes.
Chess tables, tables for backgammon, dominoes tables, tables for gambling, roulette tables, card games,
Armwrestling tables, casino tables, pool tables, table tennis tables, kartezhnaya tables, stools, chairs,...
As well as exclusive wall bars, home gyms, bodibary equipment for VIP gyms...
See also catalog exclusive handmade furniture - www.furniture.mj777.com

Baseball glove and a baseball ball of pure gold. Gold set handmade by MJ
Individual orders any sports equipment and sportswear made of precious materials.
Sportswear, gloves, hats, caps, baseball caps, shorts made of gold or exotic leathers.

Exclusive domino ivory mammoth tusk, tooth dinosaur fossils and other unique by MJ
Individual orders inlaid black and white diamonds, gold and platinum.
See also catalog of exclusive games handmade - www.games.mj777.com

Collector dominoes amber, wood, ivory, gold, platinum, diamonds...
See also luxury gift catalog - www.souvenirs.mj777.com
Catalog of exclusive games handmade - www.games.mj777.com

Exclusive whistle of platinum and gold vip customize by MJ
Individual orders unique whistles for judges, referees, police, traffic police...
Gold whistles. Silver whistles. Platinum whistles. Diamond whistles. Stone whistles.
Whistles with inlays of precious stones, precious woods, bones, meteorites, exotic leather...
Any whistle can be engraved with initials or inlay judge emblem federation emblem...

Lux Crocodile Leather - Sport Bag - Tennis and Golf and others for Individual Order by MJ
Backpacks for hockey sticks, golf clubs, croquet, baseball bats, tennis rackets. Bags for sports equipment from exotic skins.
Backpacks for individual orders of all shapes and sizes from crocodile skin, python, stingray, ostrich, iguana, elephant...

Brooch badge in the form of a tennis racket made of gold, platinum and diamonds.
Individual orders badges and brooches in any sports category of precious metals and stones.
Male and female models sporting icons. Only handmade. Only the most luxurious materials.
See also catalog exclusive brooches, badges and icons handmade - www.brooches.mj777.com
Brooch badge in the form of a tennis racket made of gold, platinum and diamonds.

 Unique piece of jewelry in the form of boxing gloves made of platinum, white and black diamonds by MJ
Exclusive sports ornaments, pendants, pendants, cufflinks, necklaces, brooches, pins, bracelets, rings, earrings and souvenirs.
Individual orders decorations and accessories with any sporting symbols, all shapes and sizes.
See also catalog luxury bracelets handmade - www.bracelets.mj777.com
Catalog vip cufflinks and tie clips - www.cufflinks.mj777.com
Catalog unique rings and rings - www.ring.mj777.com
Catalog elite jewelry - www.jewelry.mj777.com

Golden Fingerboard / Finger Skates Made of Yellow, Pink, Red, Black or White Gold by MJ
Individual orders all kinds of toy and real skateboards, bicycles, other extreme sports equipment.
Models Series MJ Gems Edition encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones with a unique facet.
Exclusive skateboards, micro skates, scooters, bmx bikes, freestyle, roller skates, roller shoes...
And also covers skateboards, bicycles, scooters and alligator clips and any other species of exotics.

Football world cup of pure gold 999k in a unique box made of wood and leather by MJ
Production of original cups for any tournaments, as well as unique collectible copies of awards.
Football world cup of pure gold 999-th test in a unique box of leather diamond c id.
Individual orders any trophies and awards and precious metals and stones - www.award.mj777.com
As well as unique gift boxes and shipping LUXURY - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive billiard balls, cues, tables, stands, furniture, chalk and other accessories.
Unique billiard balls made of ivory. Balls of ivory, and other unique fossils.
Billiard cues handmade by the best craftsmen in the world of copyright edition Art Studio MJ
Jewelry crayons, billiard chalk in boxes of gold and platinum with diamonds decor.
Only handmade. Only precious materials. Only individual orders.
See also exclusive furniture catalog - www.furniture.mj777.com

Exclusive of skates pink calfskin inlay Swarovski crystals and gold blade by MJ
Individual orders all kinds and colors of skin with inlaid diamonds and other precious stones.
Any design and model skates - men's skates, ice skates for women, children's skates, professional skates...
Elite skates for figure skating, hockey skates, skates and other skates handmade.
The blade can be trough any kind of precious metals with individual engraving.

Exclusive Kobudo Weapons & Sai Weapon Case by MJ
Semi tridents sai white gold, ebony, and covers from Damascus steel pearl stingray skin.
Exclusive Weapon Kobudo and deluxe covers of exotic handmade leather.
See also the catalog of the collection of weapons - www.weapon.mj777.com

Exclusive Ninja Stars - Asian Weapons - Unique Collectible by MJ
Syuriken of precious materials. Sprockets gold, silver, damask steel, Mokume gane, wood, leather, diamonds.
Any unique asterisks, arrows, swords, and other sports and deadly weapon for individual orders.
See also catalog exclusive knives - www.knife.mj777.com and collection of weapons - www.weapon.mj777.com

Golden Ball. Sport VIP reward handmade. Soccer Ball made of Pure Gold 24k by MJ
Individual orders, the ball may be entirely out of gold or just gold-plated.
See also any luxury gifts of molten gold - www.gold.mj777.com
Listings exclusive awards, medals, cups - www.award.mj777.com

Exclusive golf shoes made of leather calf, buffalo, bison, crocodile, python, ostrich, stingray, elephant, shark ...
Individual orders shoes for all sports - basketball shoes, football shoes, gymnastic cheshki etc.
See also catalog of exclusive shoes handmade by individual measurements - www.shoes.mj777.com
Catalog exotic leather and fur, more than 5,000 different kinds and colors - www.skin.mj777.com

Exclusive Bag Case of Sea Eel Genuine Leather - Tennis, Golf, Billiard, Weapons etc.
Exclusive bag for the rifle of conger eel skin dark cherry color.
Sporting and hunting bags, covers, cases for tennis rackets, golf clubs for hockey or golf,
billiard cue, bowling balls, rackets for ping-pong and badminton, darts, darts,
balls, pistols, shotguns, and any other hunting and sports equipment.
Are available for individual orders from any species of exotic skins.
Any size bags. Any form of bags. Any color bags.
Catalogue of the collection of weapons, holsters, scabbards and sheaths - www.weapon.mj777.com
Wheelchair exclusive games and sports equipment - www.games.mj777.com

Exclusive ball of fur mink and sable by MJ
Fur balls. Plush balls. Luxury gift balls. Balls-pillows. Balls ottomans.
Individual orders all kinds of leather and fur - ponies, mink, sable, fox, fox,
lynx, llama, rabbit, chinchilla, leopard, zebra, bear, wolf, raccoon, beaver, astrakhan, broadtail, Rex,
coyote, leopard, panther, lion, jaguar, tiger, cheetah, fox and other species.
See also catalog interior hides, skins and furs - www.skin.mj777.com

Golden water scooter. Exclusive scooter covered with real pure 24-carat gold by MJ
Individual orders any tuning machines, automobiles, motorcycles, scooters, boats, yachts, aircraft...
Gilding and airbrush corps, hauling salons and exotic leather seats, wood inlay, gold, diamonds...
See also catalog exclusive tuning of cars and other vehicles - www.auto.mj777.com

Exclusive billiard case crocodile leather cue and cue luxury rosewood gold, platinum and diamonds by MJ
Unique handmade cues from valuable types of wood inlaid with precious metals, precious stones and mother of pearl.
Luxury billiard cues from amaranth, mahogany, ebony, oak, beech, ipe, ash, cedar, yarra, Karelian birch, petrified wood,
pinkvud, rousvud, zebrawood, wenge, bubinga, Canadian Maple, jatoba, mahogany, ebony, bamboo, cypress, teak...
And cue cases alligator, stingray, monitor lizard, caiman, capybaras, mink, pony, sable, ermine...
See also catalog of exotic leather and fur handmade - www.skin.mj777.com

Exclusive chess black and mahogany, ivory inlaid with gold and gems by MJ
Individual orders unique chess boards and chess pieces of precious metals and stones.
Chess made of gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amber, pearls, mammoth tusk...
Gift chess, chess elite, luxury chess king chess, chess personalized...
Unique checkers, backgammon, dominoes, playing cards and board games handmade Art Studio MJ
See also catalog of exclusive games - www.games.mj777.com

Hourglass handmade amber, wood, stone, gold, leather, diamonds....
Individual orders all kinds of watches and stopwatches from various luxurious materials.
Clock for chess (chess clock), stopwatches for judges and referees, sports wrist watches, pocket watches...
Personalize any kinds of clocks. Inlay on the watch any emblems, initials, logos and emblems of precious metals.
See also catalog of exclusive watches and straps - www.watch.mj777.com
Listings exclusive amber - www.amber.mj777.com


Exclusive Rubik's Cube Made of Precious Metals and Gems VIP Customize Limited Edition
Exclusive Rubik's cube of precious metals and gemstones. Unique Rubik's cube, yellow, pink, red, green, gold, blue gold, black gold, titanium, damascus steel, Mokume gane, platinum, palladium, silver and other types of jewelry metals and alloys channel. VIP Rubik's Cube inlaid with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, topaz, opal, tanzanite, biksbitami, alexandrite, ammolitami, coral, amber, jet, mother of pearl, etc. For any individual orders rtsbika cubes, from classical to contemporary and alternative models. Kubi's Cube with any number of bands and faces - 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 6x6x6, 11x11x11, 16x16x16, etc. Sports Rubik's cube, pyramid, megaminksy, mirrored cubes, snake's Cube, skyub (skewb lanlan), speed megaminx dayan with bumpers, mirror Rubik's Cube, shengshou, pyramid qj (pyraminx), square - calvin's puzzle and any other types of Rubik's Cube, intelligent toys and puzzles.


Exclusive covers and cases for billiard cue of genuine crocodile skin pink leather by MJ
Covers for individual orders for cues, guns, fishing rods and other equipment of all colors crocodile, alligator, caiman, gavial, monitor lizard, iguana, ostrich, kangaroo, python, cobra, karung, sea snakes, anacondas, boas, vipers, lizards, fish, sharks, whales, sturgeon, carp, sea eel, moray eels, frogs, toads, pangolin, pangolin, wild pig pecary tabs turkey, peacock, Argentine chicken, giraffe, yak, buffalo, calf, deer, elephant, hippopotamus, hippopotamus, rhino, sea turtles, beluga, trout, salmon, capybaras, bison, yak, bison and other species. Also available personalization covers, engraving, stamping or inlay initials, logos, monograms, the zodiac sign or the family crest of gold or platinum.

Exclusive billiard cue of valuable wood decorated with gold and diamonds by MJ
Cues for individual orders from the black and mahogany inlaid with platinum, gold, and unique gems.
Elite cue for Russian billiards, pool, snooker and other billiard. Cues with personalization.

Exclusive Case Box Universal - Billiard Cues, Tennis Rackets, Fishin Rods, Golf Club, Weapon Gun, Musical Instruments etc.
Leather Cases and Pouches for accessories and supplies billiard players, fishermen, musicians, hunters, soldiers, athletes..
Individual orders suitcases, bags and pouches of leather buffalo, elephant, rhino, crocodile, stingray, ostrich, monitor lizard, shark...

Exclusively bicycle seat of carbon fiber, genuine leather and gold with personalize symbols by MJ
Individual orders for all models seat bicycles, scooters and bikes, leather, fur and gold. metals and stones.

Bow Quiver Sea Snake Leather with Luxury Arrows by MJ
Luxury arrows for the bow and crossbow with inlays of gold, silver, wood, leather, diamonds...
Backpack for arrows - quiver of crocodile skin, sea snake, python, stingray, eel, elephant, iguanas, sharks...
Individual orders for bags of arrows and darts vip with personalization - www.personalizations.mj777.com
Bags of all sizes for all types of sports equipment, hunting and fishing supplies and accessories.
Exclusive leather quiver of arrows and unique handmade.

Exclusive Bag - Bow Quiver Natural Python Leather
Elite quiver from python, anaconda, alligator, cobra, hippopotamus, frogs, toads, fish, ostrich, caiman...
Individual orders specialized bags and backpacks of all types of exotic leather premium.
Quiver of bow or crossbow. Only handmade. Fittings made of precious metals and stones.

Gold-plated dumbbells. Decorative gilt. Galvanic gilding. Gilding with gold leaf. Gold customize by MJ
See also catalog of exclusive games - www.games.mj777.com and other gold products - www.gold.mj777.com
Individual orders gilding sports equipment and production of solid gold.
Gilded stick gilded racket, gold ball, gold plate, gold cue...

Exclusive surfboards out of unique materials, carbon, valuable wood inlaid with gold and gems by MJ
Premium and luxury surfboard, windsurf, kite, water skiing, downhill skiing, scooters, wakeboard, snowboards, skateboards...
Individual orders all kinds of sports equipment, from amateur to professional in the author's edition.


Diamond Ball Golf & T Platinum with Luxury Box by MJ
Royal gift set - diamond golf ball and tee ball stand of platinum gold 777-th sample. Individual orders any gift and collectable VIP balls, golf, tennis, ping-pong, billiards, squash, field hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball... And Suites washers, balls, stones, and shuttlecocks Other accessories for ice hockey, Russian billiards, pool, snooker, carom, bowling, bowling, curling, badminton or any other sport. See also catalog exclusive gift boxes and boxes of premium - www.box.mj777.com

Diamond Ball Exclusive Jewelry Euro Championship Football
Individual orders gift balls, medals, trophies and gifts from precious metals and stones.
See also catalog exclusive handmade Awards - www.award.mj777.com

Exclusive Dart Made of Gold 24k by MJ
Exclusive darts of gold, silver, platinum, Damascus steel, titanium, carbon fiber...

Suite rugby ball and football made of leather bison, buffalo, calf, yak, coyote, ostrich, kangaroo, camel...
Individual orders luxury balls for all sports. VIP balls for handball, water polo, basketball, tennis, golf, football...
Lux ball for Rugby and American Football made of Leather Bison, Buffalo, Calf, Yak, Coyote, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Camel etc.

Exclusive Ball Crocodile Leather - Only Handmade - Black & Olive Green Genuine Skin by MJ
Unique footballs of crocodile, python, elephant, hippo, sharks, iguanas, monitor lizard, ostrich, karung, eel...
Exclusive soccer ball made of crocodile skin. Only handmade.
Individual orders any kinds of colors and exotic leather for premium balls.

Luxury golf bag and golf putter unique handmade by MJ
Individual orders bags of all types of exotic leather. VIP golf clubs with personalization.

Gold Dumbbells. Designer dumbbells of 24 karat gold by MJ
Individual orders any handmade products made of precious metals - www.gold.mj777.com
Any model weights and weighting agents. Female and male lux models. Elective is any weight.


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For cooperation and opening of representative offices, please - vip-clients@mail.ru

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